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Mainichi Issho integrates in-game video capture with YouTube


Sometimes a feature is cooler than a game itself. That's exactly what's happening with a new update to Mainichi Issho, a free downloadable title for the Japanese PSN. The casual edutainment title has a new feature which Sony is proud to tout as the first of its kind. The game will allow you to record in-game footage and upload it directly to YouTube. We haven't heard of any other game ever including this functionality, but it does have us intrigued.

It would be great to see this feature incorporated into other titles. For example, wouldn't it be great if the SingStar community videos could go on YouTube? (Although this is unlikely due to copyright concerns.) Or, imagine being able to share some of your awesome sniping skills in Resistance 2 online? It would be awesome if our best Gran Turismo laps could be showcased to the world. There are a lot of possibilities with such a feature, and we can only hope that more titles will take advantage in the future.

[Thanks, Phoenix8387!]

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