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More DS Castlevania: 'Order of Ecclesia,' first screens


We're pretty sure that Castlevania series director Koji "IGA" Igarashi is out to claim an award for "most sequels in a series on Nintendo DS." His latest, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, was revealed by the long-bearded, whip-wielding IGA at last night's Konami presser (and before that, the ESRB), and is set to stir up renewed Castle-mania this fall.

Order of Ecclesia stars a new female heroine who is a member of the ... wait for it ... Order of Ecclesia, a group out to destroy -- who else -- that vile Count Dracula fellow. The game introduces a new Glyph system that Konami promises will offer "more than 100 different combinations" of weapon and spell attacks. These attack mash-ups enable players to unleash two blows simultaneously. Buying and selling items and weapons via the Nintendo WFC is also pegged for this latest, characteristically beautiful addition to the classic 2D franchise.

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