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Sharp reveals world's most densely powerful methanol fuel cell -- still can't buy it


We've been huffing the vaporous promise of methanol fuel cells for so long now that we sold all our furniture and live in a cardboard box. Nevertheless, Sharp's in a tizzy over its direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) prototype. Sharp's cell is able to provide 0.3 Watts of power per cubic centimeter making it the world's most powerful DMFC cell for its size. Availability? Sharp has no idea but "it won't be commercialized soon," according to a spokesperson. Kudos for honesty, but that gnawing angst for a refillable battery replacement for traditional lithium-ion batteries continues to taunt us.

P.S. Sharp didn't offer any photos with the press release so we tossed in an old Toshiba concept just to annoy them.

[Via PCWorld]

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