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Show and Tell: With love from Mom


In honor of this past Mother's Day, we wanted to share reader Manoel's case with you. Why? Because it was made with tender loving care by his obviously wonderful mother. Aren't moms great? So, uh ... hey, Mom, you want to dig out your crafts box and put some yarn to good use?

Hit up the gallery below for a closer look at the case, which is really well-made. We've seen a lot of DIY cases, and while many of them look really good, the simplicity of this case, definitely won us over. Probably because we're utterly hopeless with crochet hooks and knitting needles. Can we get a training game or something for that?

Show and Tell is all about your stuff, so long as it's Nintendo-related. We love to see your collections, your crafts, your frosted creations, your t-shirts and swag of all sorts. Just snap a few pictures, tell us what's up, and send it all to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

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