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Survey hints at Rock Band 2 with online world tour, drum trainer

Ross Miller

We've received a handful of anonymous tips indicating that Electronic Arts is conducting surveys (surprise!) for Rock Band 2. From what we've seen, the survey is being conducted by Listen Research for EA. The survey breaks down as follows:
  • The sequel will be full featured and will represent a jump similar to that from Guitar Hero I to GHII, or GHII to GHIII.
  • Separate questions ask the likelihood of purchasing Rock Band 2 Special Edition (i.e. the full instrument package) for $199, $169 and $149, respectively. All current Rock Band consoles (PS3, PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii) are mentioned.
  • There are questions concerning Rock Band Track Pack: Volume 1 and how many expansion packs you are expecting to purchase in the next six months.
  • The survey asks likelihood of purchasing Rock Band over a multi-instrument version of Guitar Hero.
EA reportedly provided details on the new features for Rock Band 2 in some of the surveys, but we haven't been able to confirm this. New additions to World Tour mode are said to include online play, the recording of music videos and hiring of staff members. Other new features include Battle of the Bands, competing against other bands in daily and weekly battles, setting challenges to progress through your band's discography in increasingly harder setlists, as well as a drum trainer mode.

We've requested comment from MTV, Electronic Arts and Harmonix.

[Thanks to Andre and everyone else who sent this in!]

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