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The Guild, season finale: Boss Fight

Mike Schramm

The Guild ends its first season as all good raids usually end: with a big boss fight. Zaboo's mom appeared in the last seconds of the previous episode, and in this one, the Guild pulls and... well, you'll just have to watch and find out whether it's a wipe or whether the loot drops. I have to say, it is pretty classic -- I officially renounce my complaint before that they've never shown ingame action. Out-of-game action like this is much more fun to watch.

Curse also interviewed both Felicia Day and producer Kim Evey about what it's like making the show (it sounds pretty rough, actually -- hopefully Felicia won't get so famous that she doesn't have time to do this any more), and in there they mention also that DVDs of the whole thing are coming soon. So maybe if they put something up for sale, we can make sure that these guys get rewarded for all the great work they do.

There's no info yet on Season 2 or when it will come, but considering that this episode is led off with a big reminder that this is an award-winning and viewer-acclaimed series, we're guessing it won't be too long.

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