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Top Gear HD, NBC editions stuck in park


Remember how excited we were to hear that the next season of Top Gear might be delivered from across the pond in HD glory, and that NBC was considering producing an American edition? How we danced in the streets, partook of libations, and slaughtered the fatted calf? Scratch all that, as it appears neither is coming to fruition, at least anytime soon. Autoblog has word that NBC couldn't find a cast for Top Gear (although they've had no problem scratching together a group for that abomination of a Knight Rider remake), while the BBC edition is without a debut date for a new (& shortened) season, and has only word of "specific production challenges" when questioned about HD. While we've been blessed with a bevy of horsepower in HD this year, it's just not the same without Jeremy, Richard and The Stig.

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