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CoX: Issue 12 video unveiled!

Adrian Bott

Our friends over at have revealed an exclusive new video for CoX Issue 12: Midnight Hour!

The video tells the story of the Midnight Squad, the secret cabal of magicians and scholars whose home - the Midnighter Club - we recently visited here at Massively. The Midnighters are only now building their numbers back up again, after the invading Rikti dealt them heavy losses.

The video's narrator, Montague Castanella, is the contact who gives out the Midnighter mission arc to heroes, ultimately giving them access to the Club. Percy Winkley, besides being a specialist in abductions from the receiving end, is also well versed in the various origins of power and will help heroes gain a greater understanding of theirs.

The other Midnighter mentioned in the video, Ashley McKnight, will be found at the Cap Au Diable University over in the Rogue Isles. She serves as a villain contact, also giving eventual access to the club. As for the shadowy gentleman at the end, he can be found in Sharkhead Isle and goes by the name of Darrin Wade. His missions are strictly villain-only, and have one of the best (and most truly villainous) finales of any arc to date.

Watch the video here!

Face down the forces of evil! Give good a quick jab to the jaw! Massively has all the CoX Issue 12 news you can handle. Make sure to check it out!

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