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Fading Shadows coming to US, courtesy of Agetec


The unique PSP-exclusive puzzler, Fading Shadows, is coming to America, courtesy of Agetec. In the game, players must direct a mystical beam of light to help a magical orb traverse various trap-filled puzzles. There are fifty levels to try when the game comes out this Summer.

One of the more intriguing aspects of Fading Shadows is the game's detailed story, an unusual addition to the puzzle genre. With such an inspired style, we can't help but be a bit intrigued by the game. (See video here.)

"We're very happy to be publishing this game as we think many people will be fascinated by the story," says Agetec's producer Mark Johnson. "It's an incredible, one-of-a-kind game that features an intriguing story, brain teasing puzzles, and unique gameplay. Puzzle fans will not be disappointed."


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