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Family Game Night is fun for the family

Candace Savino

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Remember when your family used to put one night of the week aside to play board games, so that you'd grow closer to one another amongst bouts of innocent fun and mayhem? Yeah, neither do we. Hasbro does, though, which is why the company is bringing six of its most popular board games to the Wii, in one small package.

Called Family Game Night (not to be confused with Wii Fanboy's Game Night), this title includes the following classics:
  • Connect Four
  • Yahtzee (not the one that curses a lot)
  • Battleship
  • Boggle
  • Sorry!
  • Sorry! Sliders (who wants to tell EA and Hasbro that this doesn't count as a "sixth" game?)
We know that going digital is the wave of the future, but is anyone else slightly against the entire "board games turned video games" genre? Call us old-fashioned, but when we cheat at Battleship, we want to cheat with style -- not by looking at a TV screen.

If you think differently, though, keep an eye out for Family Game Night, which will hit European Wiis this fall.

[Via press release]

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