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Frank O'Connor leaves Bungie for more Halos

For Bungie fans one name has been synonymous with a Halo branded encyclopedia of knowledge and human complaint cushion. Frank O'Connor, content manager at Bungie Studios, has announced he is leaving his position and heading to Microsoft in order to work more closely on the Halo franchise.

In his final weekly update, Frankie thanks fans for their continued support and for not following up on various death threats made throughout the years. We'd like to believe that's a joke, but we're sure it isn't.

Frankie left fans with something they've grown to expect from Bungie's public face, a tease for the future. "I was busy working on a story for one of our next games, an experience that is destined to surprise, amaze and entertain like nothing we've ever made before." We know every Bungie fan is holding their breath for the next morsel of info that drops and can't wait to see what Bungie has in store for the future.

Take care Frankie, and don't be a stranger.

[via Joystiq]

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