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MGS4 screens show new terrain, hint at flashbacks

Majed Athab

The Metal Gear Solid 4 hype machine seems to have kicked into full gear these past couple of days. MGS4 news has seemingly plastered our blogging wall daily with flash games, peripherals, and more gameplay news. This time, we're continuing the coverage with these new screenshots that look distinctly different from what we've seen before.

Most of the previous MGS4 screenshots depict the center of wasted Middle Eastern city. These new screens, however, show a bit of grassland and rocky terrain as well as some indoor shots, too. There's even a shot of Snake controlling Mk. II with a DualShock 3. The picture above suggests you'll be tracking down your stats such as Headshots and CQC take downs. Most interesting is the "flashbacks viewed" stat. Does this mean there will be several playable flashbacks to previous MGS games ... like this one of Shadow Moses?

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