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Rumor: Shenmue I and II Wii-makes coming

Ross Miller

Normally we'd take a rumor like this gently by the hand, walk it outside of the house, and then run back in while locking the door behind us. However, there is some historic rational for this piece of gossip. In their Rykten (i.e. Rumor) section, Swedish magazine Game Reactor said Sega is looking to remake Shenmue I and II on the Nintendo Wii with – surprise! – extra Wiimote-related minigames. (You can view the scan here.)

Sega has been reviving quite a few franchises on the Wii lately, including NiGHTS, Sega Bass Fishing, Samba de Amigo and House of the Dead. Still, there isn't much traction for this rumor, so for now it's just a lead pipe dream.

[Via NWF]

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