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The Behemoth says Castle Crashers is finally complete

Jason Dobson

It seems like just yesterday that Alien Hominid creator The Behemoth first announced its upcoming XBLA release Castle Crashers. Well, that's an outright lie. It's been a near unbearable wait, but according to a post by artist extraordinaire Dan Paladin on the studio's blog that game is. finally. complete.

But don't take up your swords and shields just yet, as it appears that it could be a little while before the decidedly old school, not to mention stylish brawler is available for download. Writes Paladin, "It has to go through all the required hoops of certification/final testing & all that jazz before it will actually become available on the service." He adds that "it's a good feeling know that the crashers are working their way into the world," though with the company noting that it could be a "couple months" before we're finally able to play the game the only feeling we're left with is impatience.

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