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Verizon's CableCARD waiver expires July 1


Last year Verizon and other IPTV providers asked for and were granted a pass to continue issuing set-top boxes with integrated security, but it runs out July 1. To comply with the separable security order, Motorola's whipped up two new boxes, the QIP7100 HD and QIP7216 HD DVR, which also apparently feature upgraded processing power and MPEG-4 support (not that you'd need any extra compression in your FiOS anytime soon). Comcast and other cable companies have already issued over 4 million STBs with CableCARDs and were decidedly nonplussed by the telcos get a pass, although Verizon will still be distributing SD boxes sans-Card due to their all digital plans for next year -- as if anyone would want one of those. We suppose insisting on a steady supply would be too much to ask?

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