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19-year-old mayor of Oklahoma town is a gaming enthusiast

University of Oklahoma freshman John Tyler Hammons harbors the stereotypical interests of a 19-year-old college student -- an Associated Press report, apparently written by a 1950's schoolteacher, credits Hammons as enjoying "fast cars and rock n' roll". Anachronistic lingo aside, the teenager also apparently spends his time beating the pants off of seventy-year-old incumbents in local mayoral races, and according to the same AP story, could probably beat the rest of Muskogee's local leaders in a round of Call of Duty 4.

Yes, the "baby-faced" gaming enthusiast will be sworn in next week as the mayor of Muskogee -- an Oklahoma city of about 38,000. Though his achievement completely overshadows our teenage feat of becoming the youngest Taco Bell assistant manager in the tri-county area, we can't wait to see how a fellow gamer (one who is many years the minor of most of Joystiq's staff) decides to run a town -- almost as much as we can't wait to hear the mayoral pick-up lines he busts out at the next Sooner soiree.

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