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Castle Crashers is so done, you don't know how done it is

Remember that upcoming XBLA title from The Behemoth called Castle Crashers that everyone and their mother can't wait for? We know you do! According to artist Dan Paladin's on the official Behemoth blog, the anticipated XBLA game is finished. But, before you start marking your calendars keep in mind the game is still far from ready.

"It has to go through all the required hoops of certification/final testing & all that jazz before it will actually become available on the service [XBLA]," wrote Paladin. While Paladin also mentioned the team is excited the game is hitting "the world," he notes it still may be a number of months before we're hacking-and-slashing our way through the world.

Now we play the waiting game... aw, the waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

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