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Order of Ecclesia site reveals artwork, Nintendo Power's secret?

Eric Caoili

A quick word about the new art on Konami's Castlevania: Order of Eccelsia site for Japan -- badical. Several not-so-quick words -- we'd heard from early previews that series producer Koji Igarashi and his team were moving away from the anime character designs employed in the two previous Castlevania DS titles, but we weren't expecting the new art direction to impress us this much. Also -- hooker boots.

As for the "Nintendo Power secret" hinted in the title, look at the glowing satellite behind Order of Ecclesia's protagonist, Shanoa. Notice anything familiar? Doesn't it look like the same mystery moon Nintendo Power used as a clue in the latest issue's preview page? Peer into a telescope past the post break to compare!


Okay, the color's off, as are a lot of the markings and craters, so they're not exactly the same. They are, however, both moons. At least this gives us something to talk about while we wait for Konami to populate the bare site with more screenshots and a promised trailer.

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