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TUAW Best of the Week

Cory Bohon

It's the weekend. W00t! Time to kick back, relax and read the latest installment of TUAW's best of the week, where we gather up our favorite posts for your easy clicking enjoyment.

Data-only iPhone plan for $20/month
Erica shows you how to get an iPhone with unlimited data plan for only $20 per month.
"iPhone Black" appears on AT&T ordering site
As if AT&T doesn't make mistakes, the "black" color iPhone was speculated all over the blogosphere this past week due to an AT&T "mistake."
Jobs WWDC keynote all but confirmed
Well, if you thought Steve Jobs had been replaced by Steve Ballmer for the upcoming WWDC, then you are saddly mistaken, because Jobs is back for yet another WWDC. In addition, WWDC 08 also sold out earlier this week.
Apple gets trademark for iPod shape
Does this seem a little odd to anyone else? I mean, I've seen several bars of soap that look exactly like the shape of an iPod.
VBA to return in next version of Microsoft Office; SP1 released
We never thought we would miss VBA until Microsoft released Office 2008 for Mac. Oh yeah, we missed it, but now it's back.
$45 credit for Canadian iPod owners
Apple announced this past week that Canadians would get a $45 credit for batteries in first, second, or third gen iPods bought before June 24th, 2004.
iTunes: Free Tuesday
Get some free tunes.

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