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PSA: New Live 12 month cards include free month

Dustin Burg

We have a public service announcement for future twelve month Xbox Live subscription purchasers in the United States. A while back, we mentioned that with the new Xbox Live card re-design the twelve month subscription mysteriously lost its free month, because it made no mention of the offer that was prominently featured on the old packaging. Well, we soon discovered that even though the new packaging didn't mention the free month, it was in fact there when purchasers redeemed the code. So, Microsoft being the helpful folks they are, they started adding mini stickers to the twelve month Live subscription packaging telling of the extra free month. Now, more recently, they went one step further, getting rid of the sticker and actually adding the 12+1 verbiage to the insert packaging itself. Convenient.

So, what's the point of this public service announcement? Good question. There really isn't a deep meaning to this PSA other then the fact that no matter which Xbox Live 12 month subscription you buy (old packaging, new packaging with sticker or new packaging with insert), they ALL include a free month of Live. Thank you.


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