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The Tube 2.7: TV Streaming via iChat


The folks who brought you the TubeStick USB digital TV tuners have released The Tube 2.7. Equinux is providing this free upgrade to The Tube, the software component of the TubeStick products. The new version enhances the timeshifting and electronic program guide features of The Tube 2.6, and adds even more functionality. What's new?

  • Placeshifting -- Share a digital TV show via iChat. If you're running Leopard, just drag The Tube icon to an active chat. Your chat buddies can view or record the show, and you can talk about the show while watching it.
  • Enhanced EPG -- The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is updated twice daily, and an open plug-in structure opens the door to other program guides.
  • Leopard Features -- Add a stack of video recordings to the Dock, use QuickLook to preview your recordings, and set up Time Machine to avoid backing up your videos.
  • Create A Podcast Of Your Recordings -- Any recordings added to a TubeToGo web gallery can be subscribed to via RSS, so recordings can be browsed and viewed on Apple TV.
  • Closed Captioning
Do you already own a TubeStick? Go get the update. If you don't, the new features in The Tube 2.7 may be just the thing to push your purchase decision!

Note: A bug fix, v 2.7.1, is now the downloadable version of The Tube. Check the version history for details.

[via PRMac]

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