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The week in Massively features

Michael Zenke

Player vs. Everything: Putting raiding on your resume
Ten years ago, the idea of putting something like being an officer in a hardcore raiding guild on your resume would have been laughable.
Anti-Aliased: How to pick the MMO for you
Let's be honest for a moment - there are a ton of MMOs out there.
ION 08: State of online games keynote
Globalization is one of the session tracks here at ION 08, as befitting an industry seeking the holy grail of a truly global marketplace for online games.
TurpsterVision: Did I mention there is a war going on?
Another average week, another fantastic TV Episode. This time around I've decided to have a look at Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa.
Making/Money: Flawed by Design
Today we are looking at another game and how it deals with value chains to ensure that they do not work when crafting by NPC purchases/sales alone.
If you like these, make sure to check out our full coverage of ION 2008 from earlier this week. You can also read on to see the rest of Massively's features from the past week.

World of Kung Fu exclusive interview
World of Kung Fu is a game that features prominent imagery and themes from Chinese mythology.
Blackstar exclusive interview
We've spoken previously about the unique-looking space-combat MMO Blackstar, being developed by Spacetime Studios -- how previous publisher NCsoft had chosen to cancel their connection with the title, and how Spacetime recently regained the IP, to continue development on their own.
MMOGology: Attack of the bots
A few weeks ago Tateru Nino wrote a great piece about the use of bots in Second Life as marketing tools to make virtual worlds feel less lonely and appear more populated than they actually are.
EQ2 Game Update 45: A Bertoxxulous quest chain guide
Follow along as we carry on Bert's evil work, infect relatives, assassinate healers, and in general, be real bastards.
EVE Evolved: The nano problem
Whether certain tactics and ship setups are balanced is a topic that's been constantly debated on the EVE Online forums for as long as I can remember.
Second Life Places: NASA CoLab
NASA created the CoLab Island to enable 'co-working and project incubation ... for NASA staff and the entrepreneurial technology community'.
Exclusive video detailing Jedi changes in Star Wars Galaxies Update 3
The team at SOE-Austin has passed us an exclusive video review of the most recent big patch to Star Wars Galaxies: Game Update 3
Player vs. Everything: Age of Conan's 250 hours
It's going to take you 250 hours to get to level 80 in Age of Conan.
The beauty of MMO fashion shows
As our MMOs get more immersive in regards to graphical environments and especially character models, it is an inevitable progression to introduce fan-driven beauty contests into the mix.
Behind the Curtain: Hard at Work?
Having been trapped in the Hell that we call flood recovery SLASH redecorating over here in noble Caledonia, I have had precious little time to play anything this past week other than 'World of Pry the cat free from the slowly drying gloss paint Craft', so forgive me is this week's column is a little unfocused.
Ask Massively: Age of Conan survival guide (for your computer)
I thought we would touch on something a little more "real world-centric" while getting in the requisite amount of hype at the same time.
An end to easy XP as the Family get whacked
City of Heroes Issue 12: Midnight Hour, now in Open Beta, comes with a nerf or two as well as all the good stuff.
The Digital Continuum: Daringly duo
There were a great many things I took away from my experience at ION 08 this year
Gameplay Wishlist: WotLK travel guide
Our recent in-depth look at the flood of information concerning World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King expansion gave us some cause for speculation.
Under The Hood: New Beginnings
Part of any MMO is starting from scratch.

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