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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is no longer #1 at GameRankings

Ross Miller

There's a conspiracy brewing at GameRankings, I tells ya ... a conspiracy! We've received reports that the Weekly Webcomic Wrapup has been knocked from the top spot for "All-Time Best Periodical Game-Related Webcomic Compilation Post," shooting down to number 3 behind ... erm ... other periodical game-related webcomic compilation posts.

Word on the street is that Tim Harding of 2P Start had changed his score of us from a 9.9 to a 9.0 after changing his scoring metric, prompting the error. But really, truly and honestly, it all had to do with some WWW-hating bias buried deep within the halls of GameRankings, wanting to see us crushed and buried among the top 3 denizens. Well, thank heavens the community rallied behind this injustice to keep the old score, because #3 all-time best periodical game-related webcomic compilation post would invalidate all the joy we've had with this feature.

Here are our picks for the week's best game-related webcomic, be sure to vote for your favorite! (Voting after the break.)

idspispopd (Slef Improvement)
Grand Theft Art Imitating Life (HijiNKS Ensue)
Raiding through the Ages (Sharcbate)
Finish Line (XKCD)
Lego My Statue (2P Start)
03 (Super Effective)
Je Parle Un Peu (Penny Arcade)
Common Language (Digital Unrest)
Bargaining (CAD)
Everyone Forgets Winston (Fanboys)
Rejected Mega Man Villains XI (Dueling Analogs)


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