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Forum post of the day: Epic Battleground Loot

Amanda Dean

I've heard some amazing stories about what people have done (or not done) in favor of World of Warcraft. I have to say Lils of EU: Windhammer's story takes the cake. The tale, told by her boyfriend Artimis, describes how she went into labor while playing Warsong Gulch and continued to play until the battle was complete. 12 hours later the couple became proud parents of Hayden. We've heard about weddings, proposals, deaths, and divorces, but a WoW birth is pretty darned epic.

The forum thread had many supporters and detractors for this behavior. I have to agree with Mankirk of Daggerspine "Putting WSG before child birth is pro..." While many believe that the first stop should be the hospital, in this case the new mom was advised to stay calm at home as labor progressed. Nightkestrel of Vashj staunchly defended the couple's labor management decision. Childbirth is an intensely personal thing, and this story has a very happy ending.

Congrats Lils and Artimis, and welcome to the world Hayden! Be sure to check out WoW Rookie every Monday.

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