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FSN: 24/7 high definition in 2009, more HD than any other sports provider


FSN's been all over HD in the last year, rolling out MLB broadcasts and even 3D NBA games, but according to President Randy Freer, HD telecasts will "skyrocket" in '09 as the network rolls over to 24/7 HD broadcasting. Wth the capability to produce all of its 3,000 MLB, NBA, NHL, college football and basketball games in HD would give it more than any other sports provider (read: CBS Sports & ESPN) in the U.S. All this HD will be made possible by the new Fox Network Houston, a 184,000 sq ft facility that it claims can handle more signal traffic than any other similar facility, with up to 40 live games in one day. HD rollouts will vary in each region based on distribution agreements, and team telecast rights, but if there was ever a time to avoid Big Ten Network-type squabbles, we'd say all this sports action in HD is one of them. We've come a long way from just 31 college games.

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