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Funcom unveils the size of Age of Conan's preorder horde

Michael Zenke

Tomorrow's the day the gates of Hyboria open to all and sundry, and in anticipation Funcom has revealed just how many people are going to be entering the Age of Conan this week. The massive Collector's Edition, which we've discussed several times here on the site, has completely sold out. They even did a second run for the thing, and it still sold out. According to Funcom 111,000 copies of that box are now slated for sale.

The regular edition, which still offers the possibility for some decent extras, has also completely sold out in some market areas. The company estimates that "it will be unable to fulfill all pre-orders in some markets due to current server limitations." Some 700,000 copies of the game have been shipped to retailers to meet tomorrow's demand. The Conan developer also estimates that this these are the largest pre-order numbers for an MMO ever - even surpassing the original World of Warcraft's launch figures.

They also note that (despite hopes to the contrary), the DX10 version of the game won't be available until August. They still need more time to patch and polish that aspect of the engine. If their numbers are accurate, Age of Conan could represent the first true runaway success since WoW's launch four years ago. If Conan cracks the million-subscriber mark - which seems at least feasible - it will be a big wakeup call for the industry. All we can do now is sit back and watch the show.

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