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Hands-on with the Motorola U9

Chris Ziegler

Why doesn't Motorola offer the aerodynamic U9 in the States? After spending a little quality time with a unit recently, we honestly have no idea. The way we see it, it's a potent alternative to the RAZR 2 V8 for anyone who wants the V8's MOTOMAGX-based innards and high-grade music capabilities in a slightly different package. We were especially impressed with the quality of the "floating" external display; Moto obviously put some thought into the graphics and animations used here, and they came out great. We'd be a bit concerned about the long-term resistance of the glossy plastic shell to scratching, though, which could ultimately end up clouding that display beyond recognition. A worthy successor to the original PEBL? Give us 3G, and we'd be convinced.

Thanks to the good folks at Wireless Imports for the hookup!


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