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HTC boldly predicts 2M Touch Diamond sales this year

Chris Ziegler

Actually, maybe it's not such a bold prediction after all. HTC's saying it's going to push at least 2 million of its just-announced Touch Diamonds out of the factory and into buyers' hands this year, and when you consider that the original Touch hit a million in five months and two million in not much more than that, it seems like a pretty reasonable prediction. Granted, those Touch numbers included all of the Touch variants sold up until that point, but the Touch Diamond will be a global franchise as well, not to mention HTC's flagship WinMo device for the remainder of 2008 in all likelihood. Add all the GSM and CDMA versions sold all around the world, maybe add in the QWERTY Raphael, and boom, you've got at least 2 million there, we'd wager.

[Via Engadget Spanish and IntoMobile]

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