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Nintendo: Wii 'Speaker Channel' for blasting Band Bros. sequel


Nintendo fans and tech nuts: what you're about to read will be music to your ears. According to the most recent issue of Japan's top video games publication, Weekly Famitsu, the sequel to Nintendo's strictly Japanese DS title Daigasso! Band Brothers (above) will take Wii-DS connectivity to new (volume) levels. Titled Band Bros. DX, the new game will let players stream their best performances to the Wii for output through TV speakers, stereos, home theater systems -- whatever you've got your Wii pumping sound out of.

The key is a forthcoming "Speaker Channel" for Wii which, while not officially dated, would seem to be a shoe-in for day-and-date launch with Band Bros. DX in Japan. For those unfamiliar with the game, it allows up to eight players on individual DS systems to pick an instrument and "play" the included songs, or jam out and create their own. The original Band Bros. was -- at one time -- due for release in the US as Jam with the Band! but has vanished from the radar. Hopefully this sequel will survive the trip Stateside; stores would likely be alive with the sound of ringing registers for this Wii and DS duet's debut.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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