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You too can buy Drake's gun from Uncharted

Justin McElroy

There's plenty of game related memorabilia out there, but, as we'll tell anyone who'll listen, there's just not enough that you can use to protect your home from hemophiliac robbers. An airsoft version of Nathan Drake's gun from Uncharted, now on sale from King of Swords, is just such an item. One look at the all metal, BBs-hurtling-at-inches-per-second power of the replica should be enough to send all easy bleeders sprinting back towards the limited edition Castlevania stained glass window they broke in through.

As much as we like the idea though, we'd humbly suggest that, in the future, King of Swords make guns based on pieces that are in any way recognizable to friends without a few minutes of explanation from their ($170 poorer) owners. You know, like a key-shaped sword.

[Via PS3F]

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