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Metareview -- Wii Fit


Wii Fit used to be that thing you threw when the guy behind the counter told you the store was sold out of Nintendo's insanely popular console. Again. Nowadays, it's a video game and balance board peripheral claiming to make exercise "fun." Yeah, right!

No, seriously, right. The critics have done the whole Yoga thing and declared that exercise needn't be the terrifying and punishing physical activity you've dreaded all these years. It might not be the sort of game you want to play all day long, but if you're set on shedding some pounds, it sure beats going to the boring ol' gym. You can do eat!
  • 1UP (83/100): "I guess I'd hoped an exercise videogame would make fitness a lot more fun -- and easier to do. And, though it doesn't quite exceed those expectations, Wii Fit will get you moving -- especially if you're looking for a gentle, fun introduction to an exercise program."
  • Eurogamer (80/100): "You can compare your results with others, but really it's about setting your own targets and seeing how your performance improves. So far I've found this provides enough motivation to play Wii Fit every day - sometimes for ten minutes, sometimes for an hour. I don't know how long I'll keep this up for, but I do know switching on the Wii is a lot easier than going to the gym. Wii Fit is not as beneficial, undoubtedly, but a lot more fun."
  • IGN (80/100): "But for a title that is so geared toward the everyman, it clings onto one hardcore fundamental -- unlocking challenges. So if you're the type who wants to jump right into everything that Wii Fit has to offer from the beginning, you're out of luck. You'll need to spend days upon days partaking in all of the modes to earn Wii Fit minutes, which eventually add up and open up other portions of the experience."
  • GameDaily (80/100): "Like Miyamoto said a few months ago, Wii Fit won't necessarily make you fit. If you're looking to get ripped, you're better off buying some protein powder and heading to the gym. For everyone else, this is a clever way to sneak in a little extra exercise every day."

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