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No gunmetal MGS4 hardware bundle for UK

Jem Alexander

This won't come as a huge shock, we're sure. Metal Gear Solid 4 is out in just over three weeks and we hadn't heard word one about a limited edition gunmetal PS3 bundle for UK. So it comes as no surprise to hear, definitively, that they won't be made available for the region. A Konami UK PR Rep confirmed it with Gamespot yesterday. We're assuming the same will be true for the rest of Europe, but don't quote us on that.

The only MGS4 hardware bundle available comes from SCEE and contains a 40GB black PS3, a copy of the game and a black SIXAXIS controller. Considering Konami UK has been so good to us with other aspects of the MGS4 launch (extra action figure in the LE version and open Metal Gear Online beta for the region) it's a shame they couldn't make it a hat trick and bring the gunmetal PS3 over to Europe.

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