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New DS 'colours' hitting Europe [update]


Put down that masking tape and spray paint. At least one European retailer is advertising a better – official – solution to your want need hunger for a spiffier-colored DS (and one that doesn't require sending your lil' buddy into the gizmo body shop). Spanish online games shop has listed three new DS Lite offerings – "Slime Lime Green," "Hot Red," and "Ice Blue" – with on-virtual-shelf dates of June 13, 2008.

Sure, they could be quick Photoshop-ery, but a retailer isn't exactly going to win over customers by taking pre-orders for hardware that will never be. We hope they're legit and will pop up on US shelves before the year's out. Now, can we please have some new Wii colors?


[Via Engadget]

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