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Cryptic reveals more about Champions Online costumes

James Murff

Cryptic has been dropping details on their newest outing in the superhero genre, and the future is looking brighter all the time. In yet another Ask Cryptic segment, three of the fine designers for Champions Online (Arkayne, BraiNEateR, and Continuum) have revealed some more information about their game by answering questions from the community.

There's some interesting news on what raids will be in the game, how statistics will work, and how the Champions universe will fit into the MMO realm. The big news, though, is the costume creator. In a vast improvement from the already robust CoX creator, Champions Online will allow for up to 4 colors per costume piece. Not only that, but players will be able to assign materials, textures, and bump-mapping to each individual piece. Want some rivets on a metal trenchcoat with canvas texturing? You got it! In addition to this, costumes now have far more asymmetrical options, allowing you to make a character who has, say, a huge left arm and a tiny weakling right arm.

This news just pumps us up more for Champions Online, because when you hand that kind of power to the community, beautiful things are made. And some hilarious things too.

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