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Fallout 3 pre-orders come with soundtrack CD

Justin McElroy

There are plenty of reasons to pre-order Fallout 3. Maybe there's a cute checkout boy/girl at your local game retailer that you'll take any opportunity to see or, maybe, it's because Fallout 3 is almost certainly going to be completely and utterly rad. Either way, those that lay a five-spot on the game at their local GameStop are going to be walking away with a five-song Fallout 3 soundtrack disc, according to Bethesda's official blog.

As you can see here, there are a few licensed tracks as well as some originals by recently-announced scorer Inon Zur. As you can also see above it's gorgeous and we want it so bad and please Fallout 3 just come out today oh please please we need this please. Please.

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