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Gamers with Jobs tackles barbarians in Age of Conan

Andrew Russo

Crashes, bangs, and a few broken bones are what combat in Age of Conan is all about. Players do not simply press a button and watch the beatings in this world of chaos. Players carefully judge their foe as axes swing, arrows fly, and swords slash. Attempting to dodge and strike as the action unfolds are novel concepts in the auto-attack world of MMOs. The system used in Age of Conan is so unique, in fact, that it took an armor wearing, staff smacking, fencing guru of a gamer to describe just how wonderful it all is. The man is Julian "rabbit" Murdoch and the battlefield is Gamers with Jobs.

Julian has an interesting and entertaining article concerning how a man who loves the art of combat finds the world of virtual battle. Julian says that the combat is fluid, realistic, and full of excitement. "There is a real sense that you as the player are influencing combat." Certainly a change from the mold these days. If you are not excited yet, we can give you at least six reasons you should be excited about AoC. If you are pumped, and want to give it a go, AoC has launched. Go pick up your club and start smacking angry bad guys!

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