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Guildwatch: 25man raid LF24M, healers and tanks preferred

Mike Schramm

When most guilds have trouble in Sunwell, they go to Mount Hyjal or Black Temple to do a little raiding and pick up some more gear. But not Reforged on Runetotem, pictured above -- they go to Vegas and blow off some steam at the blackjack tables and the all-you-can-eat buffets. That's my kind of guild!

That story and more, all in this week's Guildwatch, right after the jump. Don't forget to send us your tips of drama, downed, and recruiting news -- we collect them all at Whether it's your guild or someone else's let us know what's going on out there on the realms, good or bad.


  • Duco's departure (at least until the expansion) means that Asylum on Exodar has shuttered up. Lots of folks have headed over to Hordes Heroes instead.
  • Requiem on Suramar-H has had some strange drama lately. Someone named Greathealer got /gkicked from the guild (but considering this is an "official" tip, we're not actually told why), and apparently has been harassing people in the guild. Also, someone apparently ninja-mined the nodes in Hyjal, and they expect to give a /gkick to whoever did that too. Geez, guys, /gkick enough people and you won't have a guild any more.
  • Prodigy on Llane just wants to recruit some good people, man -- just ignore the fact that supposedly they're a reroll guild that starts over when things get rough. I especially like the "25man raid lf24m" comment.
  • We're told that Quel'dorei's Primal got cleaned out by a lesser-ranked member who somehow got the ability to disband the guild. One interesting rumor going around about them said they charged 50-100g just to apply to the guild, which apparently "ruled out the chaff." I know guilds often charge membership fees, but I wonder who's ever charged the most. As for Primal, they've restarted, but they're down to just a few members left.
  • Lemming Juice of Earthen Ring got disbanded -- apparently a GM decided their name was a no go. I don't get it.
  • No idea at all what this is about, but as callout threads go, it's gotta rank somewhere in the top 100 at least.
  • Blightlords on Thunderlord have reportedly broken up as well -- apparently when the old guild leader left, weak leadership in the guild meant that they weren't raiding at all. So every single class leader and all of the guild leader's alts reportedly split to a new guild, Focus, since the new leadership of Blightlords weren't handling things well. The guild is all but disbanded -- we hear the tag is still around, but it doesn't mean much any more.
  • Tonight on Guild Drama Masterpiece Theatre: a touching story of /gkickness and asshattery from Retribution on Shu'halo-A. Our players: Griffin, who didn't attend a number of raids, and got /gkicked for low attendance. Mocnor: a GL who does their best to keep the peace and is close to the edge from all the lunacy. Oh, and there's Xayver, a.k.a. goofynuyorican, who apparently is not only a super nice guy, but is also in the middle of serving his time in Iraq. Enjoy.
  • Heroes on Fenris hit a bump in the road -- someone got /gkicked, and his sister left to form their own guild in protest. Apparently they've nabbed quite a few people from the original guild, which tells us a lesson: don't /gkick anyone who's popular.
  • Big followup to the Reign in Blood (Draka-A) drama we covered before: the guild has broken apart completely. I still have no idea what happened, but if you want more, you might try wading through this way, way TLDR thread. Good luck -- you'll need it.
  • Time for us to play a little "Good, Great, Epic"! Good drama: A healer gets called out on the forums. Great drama: Said healer shows up in the thread. Epic drama: The whole guild shows up to fight it out in full public view. Congrats, Obsolete on Whisperwind, you made our week that much better.
  • Retribution on Dark Iron downed Leotheras for the first time this week. They're also looking for more T5-ers, so pst them ingame for more info.
  • Novus Victus on Sen'Jin ran Gruul's for the first time this week (we hear Healthfreek of Lost Soulz went along with them). HKM dropped on the second try, and Gruul got to 59% so he's on notice for next time.
  • Ascended Ancients on Anvilmar took down Leotheras the Blind and then came back in and took down Morogrim Tidewalker. That just leaves Karathress on notice.
  • Sin of Fate has progressed along by leaps and bounds -- Kara is downed and farmed, and ZA is being worked on as well. Gruul is the one on notice though.
  • Good Hard Gank on EU Tarren Mill-H downed Jan'Alai, and rolled Halazzi on the same run, so Malacrass had better watch his back this week. They're also recruiting some Resto Shamans, a Balance Druid, and a Holy Priest and Prot Pally.
  • Haven on EU Nordrassil-H made short work of Lady Vashj, and I think it was even a flawless victory (as in, no one died). Onwards to Kael and T6!
  • Singularities from EU Dentarg has finally cleared Mount Hyjal by killing Archimonde after many wipe nights he went down. They've also finished off Reliquary of Souls and Mother, so the Council is on notice.
  • Cry Havok on Aggramar-A has continued to plow on through bosses, this week downing Tidewalker and taking a first stab at Mount Hyjal with a successful downing of Rage Winterchill. SSC is still the focus for now, and Leotheras is on notice.
  • Shafted on Wildhammer-H recently has had a burst of progression thanks to new guild leadership. They've got Kara, ZA and Gruul's on farm, with Mag dropping this week and half of TK done. They're also recruiting Resto Shamans and Druids, as well as SPriests.
  • Uprising on Kael'thas downed Hexlord, Zul'jin, Al'ar and Solarian, all in the space of a few days. But who's on notice? Sounds like the big KT himself?
  • Kronos on Skullcrusher-H downed Midnight and her master with a "special" group: they were either decked out in Season One Arena gear, or they were using a combination of blues and greens. But they pulled it off. Next up: let's see someone do it naked.
  • Guild Hoppers started serious raiding after months of PvP/Kara only. After 3 weeks they already have Gruul/Mag on farm, and in their first week into SSC they one-shotted Lurker, Tidewalker, and Fathom Lord. Vashj is coming up, but they're going to clear out Tempest up to Kael first.
  • It's the AAA club for Knights of the Shadows on Kalecgos -- they downed Anetheron last week, Azgalor this week, and Archimonde is on notice for next!
  • Haven on Laughing Skull downed High Warlord Najentus on their first day in BT (the third attempt) and Supremus was taken to 44%, so he's on notice for next time.
  • Sunwell on EU Dragonmaw downed not only both Maulgar and Gruul for the first time last week, but downed the last two bosses in Zul'Aman to boot. Grats!
  • Knights of the Dark Sun on Llane-A finally decided to organize and run Kara themselves, a full two weeks ahead of the first planned attempt. They went in there and rocked it -- one-shotted Attumen, took out Moroes, and wiped on Maiden at 3%. She's on notice, have fun in there ya'll.
  • Lexington (Kul'Tiras-a) is just 2 bosses short of completing Black Temple and just had their first year anniversary as a guild yesterday. Big grats on both!
  • Seal of Fate on EU Aggramar downed Vashj and Naj'entus this week, and then apparently broke into a Queen song over vent to celebrate. Please tell us it wasn't "Friends Will Be Friends."
  • Kilo Echo (server?) took a trip into SSC and dropped both Leotheras and Karathress. Vashj goes on notice.
  • Forget Your Sanity on Rexxar took down Leo after 3 tries (as we predicted right here on this very column), and they're putting Al'ar on notice after what we can only guess was an excruciating 1% wipe.
  • FortyTwo of Whisperwind made fish sticks out of Lady Vashj tonight. Kael'thas on notice!
  • Hongkong on Aman-thul also just downed Lady Vashj, Kael'thas is on notice for them, too.
  • Polaris on US Blackhand-A finally killed Bloodboil. Reliquary of Souls got dropped to 8% on the same night, so they're on the docket for next time around.
  • Reforged (Runetotem-H) has been messing around with Kalecgos for a good month, so they decided to down Vegas instead. SS (it did happen) above, and also, the next week, apparently the big dragon died. Vegas, baby, Vegas!
  • Renegades of Kobra Kai on Kil'jaeden-A downed Illidan, and they say that if it wasn't for Sunwell, they would have beaten the game. Yeah, crazy Blizzard employees, always adding content onto the end of it to mess you up.
  • Kaizen on Hydraxis-A downed Jan'alai and Halazzi in ZA. They're also currently recruiting fun, active players to join the group not just to fill raid spots, but to become supporting members through the next expansion.
  • Eternity on Baelgun has cleared through Tidewalker and Loot Reaver, making them one of the top ten guilds on the server. Expect more from them in the future -- hopefully, they say, not drama.
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A continues their ascent with a kill on Reliquary of Souls, and is in a mad dash for shadow resist gear mats to make Mother Shahraz their next target.
  • Dire Beef on Dark Iron showed Fathom Lord Karathress the door, and Leo's request for approval got denied as well. These are tough times, Leo. We're sorry, but this is the way it's gotta be.
  • Southern Wardens on Proudmoore downed Naj'entus this week. They say they don't want to actually put Supremus on notice, as that would be "too bold," but I say, be bold anyway! He's on deck.
  • Mutiny of EU Khadgar-A gave Hex Lord Malacrass cement poisoning for a first kill and also sent Leotheras the Blind out to buy a new eye patch on their 2nd attempt. They're also recruiting -- apply here if interested.
  • Innate on Exodar-H has cleared out MH and BT and is ready to head to Sunwell.
  • Paragon on Frostmane-A is currently 4/5 in Hyjal and 4/9 in BT (and working on Archimonde), and looking for more healers, specifically Resto Shamans and Druids. The core of Paragon has been together for five years, "which says a lot," they point out, "about our stability as a guild."
  • Lords of War on Lightbringer is recruiting for Tier 4 geared people to join their SSC raids. They're looking for all classes, but please be ready for SSC and beyond.
  • From The Ashes on Rexxar is a casual raiding guild that's recruiting for 25 mans. They're all about getting stuff done, apparently: learn the strats, learn your role, do the stuff, make bosses die.
  • InDepth on Stromreaver-H is a late night raiding guild who normally raid 10+ CST. They're looking for Locks and Healers to run the later 25 man stuff.
  • SelfDefending Networkers on Eonar-A is a very small casual guild with a primary focus on social group instancing and battlegrounds. As long as you are articulate, friendly, and just want to hang out and go on adventures with people after work, they want you. They're starting on 10 mans soon, which means they'll have lots to do in the expansion -- get in now, before the rush.
  • Black Dragon Clan (Perenolde-A) is recruiting all classes, levels 60+, although Warlocks and Priests are preferred. They've had a little bit of drama, but they're back to doing some casual raiding with some serious progression.
  • Girls gone WoW on Lightbringer-H is recruiting any casual raiders for weekly Kara and ZA runs, and they're soon to be working on 25 mans as well.
  • Legend from EU Tarren Mill is recruiting all classes for 25 mans, especially Shamans and Shadow Priests. They are both friendly and casual, but still ready to put in some progression. All players in gear (at least T4) ready for SSC are welcome.
  • Old School Raiders (server?) is recruiting lots of players to join them in Naxx until they're all geared up as much as they want. They'll be doing other retro instances on offnights as well -- there's no DKP and it's all roll-based. If you want to pick up some old gear and aren't interested in drama, look them up.
  • Cloverfield (Frostmane-A) is recruiting almost all classes (especially Shaman) to finish up BT and MH -- if you are competent at your class and can raid consistently then they'd love to have you!
That's it for this week's GW. We'll be back as usual next week -- until then, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a hilarious Vent recording and the classic "officers dont do officers like u did." Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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