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Inrix announces "third generation" traffic routing system for GPS devices


It looks like those relying on GPS to find the quickest route possible could soon be getting a boost, with Inrix now touting its new "third generation" routing platform, which promises to bring with it all sorts of new traffic jam avoidance measures. One of the key components of that, it seems, is Inrix's so-called Total Fusion system, which the company claims to be the very first traffic data service that "intelligently combines real-time, predictive and historical traffic information for over 800,000 miles of roadways across the U.S." That gets backed up by Inrix's Connected Services platform, which'll let navigation companies integrate all sorts of other aggregated data, including weather information, fuel prices, and movie times, to name a few. There's no word as to when we'll actually see any of that in an actual product, however, although Inrix has apparently already signed up at least one automaker that'll apparently remain nameless until later this year.

[Via Autoblog]

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