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OQO 02 gets official Garmin GPS accessory

Nilay Patel

We've always wondered exactly what people were supposed to use UMPCs for, and now we have at least one answer: as GPS units. Yep, that's right: OQO and Garmin have released an official kit to turn your $2,000 OQO 02 into a $400 Garmin GPS unit. For $237. No, we have no idea who would buy this, but if you're feeling like throwing some bills around, you'll find a Garmin Mobile PC unit, car mount, and power adapter in the box, as well as a small note from us with an address you can send your additional silly money to for proper disposal.

PS. - Yes, we know you can also buy the Garmin adapter for $99 and the mount for $59, but it's the ridiculous bundle pricing that's got us all hot and bothered.

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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