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Sony Ericsson's G702 "BeiBei" breaks cover, FCC style

Chris Ziegler

It's pretty rare that we learn about a new Sony Ericsson from our good friends at the Federal Communications Commission, so let's all relish in this moment, shall we? The long-rumored "BeiBei" has finally earned confirmation of its existence thanks to the obligatory round of FCC testing, and we now know that this Symbian-equipped powerhouse is going to be known as the G702 (the specific example submitted here appears to be a G702c variant). As is too often the case with Sony Ericsson's wares, this one will do 3G only on the 2100MHz band but also features quadband GSM plus EDGE for travelers and yanks willing to deal with a nerfed phone. Other goodies include GPS, WiFi, a touchscreen (a la the G700 and G900), and a spectacular array of micro-buttons in the area surrounding the scroll wheel, so we should all shake our fist at the sky and curse Sony Ericsson once again for leaving the US empty-handed.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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