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Today in Joystiq: May 21, 2008

Ross Miller

Take a look at this recreation of 16-bit Samus Aran "made entirely of stone mosaic blocks which were hand-nipped to form a several hundred pixel depiction," according to the Flickr page. Now let's see how we can use mosaic blocks to recreate Metroid Prime-era Samus ... now that'd be an accomplishment (Thanks, Corey) Check out the highlights for today:

Metareview -- Haze (PS3)
Readers pick best webcomic: Lego my statue
Tycho Brahe weighs in On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness
Wii Fanboy Weekly: May 15 - May 21

New Project Origin video compares, gushes blood
GameFly launches GamePie social network application for Facebook
Dragon Quest IV DS remake coming September 16
Sony announces Madden NFL 09 PSP bundle
New Lost Odyssey DLC to be found on Friday
Fallout 3 pre-orders come with soundtrack CD
Niko's voice earned about $100,000 from GTA IV
Midway shows off Superman in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Guitar Hero: World Tour trailer promises 'most realistic drums,' other stuff
Shane Kim: First console to 100 million wins
Killzone 2 delay a 'pure management decision'
James Cameron: Ubisoft's 'Avatar' game is in 3D
Guitar Hero: World Tour's new axe spotted in trailer
See Tekken film stars in costume
GameTap welcomes back Interplay, adding more Take-Two
Infinite Undiscovery releasing worldwide on Sept. 2
Itagaki: Ninja Gaiden Sigma is 'no good'
Battlefield: Bad Company demo arriving June 5 ... for some
New MGS4 screens sneak out
Capcom profits in FY07, wants into Chinese online market
Oh BTW, Square Enix has 'lineup' of Xbox 360 titles
New 'scream' shots of Silent Hill: Homecoming
Warriors Orochi ships over 1.5 million, sequel announced
'Count Castlevania' still not whipped up about Wii

Culture & Community
Cliff Bleszinski is done being CliffyB
A DIY Mario Kart Wii training wheel

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