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American McGee likes where the Wii is taking us


If you've ever played the PC title Alice, then you got a lot farther than this blogger. The damn game only managed to crash my computer, but that's neither here nor there. People who have played Alice have enjoyed the title, for the most part. So you could say McGee has some standing in the games industry.

His thoughts on Wii? "For too long it has seemed that games were becoming more and more hardcore while continually alienating potential new gamers," he says. "The massive success of simple games like The Sims offered clear signs that there was a huge under-served audience waiting for accessible, fun game content. With the Wii proving that next-gen doesn't have to mean more polys, better AI, or realistic graphics, I think there's hope that the gaming 'core audience' might just become the mass audience."

What do you all think? Sure, the Wii is expanding the market, but will the "core audience" he's referring to get left in the dust? Will this "mass audience" of the future find their gaming tastes evolving beyond the casual? Weigh in!

[Via Go Nintendo]

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