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AT&T closing in on completion of HSUPA upgrade

Chris Ziegler

AT&T has announced that it's now just six 3G markets away from completing its upgrade to HSPA, a technology representing the holy matrimony of HSDPA for blazing downlink speeds and HSUPA on the uplink. Of course, HSDPA has now been fully deployed in AT&T's 3G footprint for some time, but HSUPA's still a fairly recent initiative for them -- good hustle for a company more accustomed to a relatively glacial upgrade pace. Even better, the remaining six markets are apparently just a month or so away, at which point about 275 US markets will offer the good stuff, and another 75 or so will be coming online by the end of the year. 'Fraid there's no opportunity to relax and take a load off, though, AT&T; it's time for LTE. Come on, get to it!

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