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Barrens Chat: The shocking truth

Megan Harris

Engineers frighten me. Mostly because I tend to be the guinea pig in anything and everything I find myself involved in, and because of the things they do when we're not looking. But also because I don't understand a single thing they're trying to tell me.

I don't know about you guys, but anyone who thinks a good time involves playing with dangerous things with electrical charges, and trying to outrun explosive sheep is a little bit on the crazy side.

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Every week, Barrens Chat drags its readers through the clutter-filled, cobweb infested mind of Megan Harris, and exposes the readers to her decaying sense of humor. So if you're interested in soft, fluffy delights, or are more into a quick and tasty snack you... wait. Why are all these comics focused on food so far? Maybe next week our starving artist will be a little more well fed and provide less food-for-though, and more funny.

Credit for this comic is a three way spread. Mostly because the person there in the foreground, you know, that one in slight discomfort? That's me, and this is my first trip through Razorfen Kraul with Palehoof and Savreth. And this happened... quite a lot, actually. I blame Palehoof, it was his idea to take his dainty level 20 "niece" through such a dangerous place.

For those of you complaining commenting that there hasn't been a strip in the Barrens yet (which means you've actually missed the point as to why it's called Barrens Chat), look: a comic strip in the Barrens.

See you next week!

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