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Crimson Skies return uncertain, Dark Void for now [update]

Jason Dobson

Update: Just for clarification, this is in no way a confirmation that a sequel to Crimson Skies is being entertained by Airtight or any other developer at this point, as much as we may wish it to be so. Jose Perez has not actually commented on any sort of timeframe for a potential sequel and has only said that Airtight is open to the idea of revisiting the franchise. Airtight is currently developing Dark Void, which may or may not be preventing the studio from working on a new Crimson Skies, or any other title for that matter. What follows is pure speculation.


["Crimson Skies return flight delayed by Dark Void"]

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge was one of the first real champions for Xbox Live, and has continued to hover near the top of a short list of titles that genuinely deserve sequel treatment. Some hope was given for a follow-up to the aerial combat game late last year, after Smith & Tinker's Jordan Weisman bought up rights to the license, along with MechWarrior and Shadowrun. If you're like us, the question that has continued to circle overhead is, "When?" The unfortunate answer, judging from comments made by Airtight designer and former Crimson Skies dev Jose Perez, is not anytime soon.

So what's keeping it grounded? According to Perez, it seems that we can lay some of the blame at the feet of Airtight's upcoming sci-fi shooter for Capcom, Dark Void, though he admits that "if the stars aligned, it'd be something we'd definitely be willing to explore again." Publisher Smith & Tinker's Weisman seems to hold more certainty in the franchise's future, however, stating, "I'm absolutely confident of that, because I want to play it." Trust us, we do too.

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