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Details emerge on T-Mobile's upcoming Samsung and Nokia releases

Chris Ziegler

We're still kinda weirded out by that figure of six-frickin'-teen new handsets for T-Mob between now and August, but details on five of those alleged sixteen is a solid start. Boy Genius Report has scored internal release information on three Nokias and two well-known Samsungs, the t229 and t339. Starting with the Sammies, the t229 will be launching in red (and red only) to shore up the low end with what seems to be a VGA camera, Bluetooth, and not much else, while the t339 will offer WiFi for HotSpot@Home compatibility and a 1.3 megapixel cam; both will be available in June. On the Nokia side, the XpressMusic 5610 slider (which we've seen in T-Mobile trim courtesy of the FCC) will be joining the just-announced 5310, though the carrier has yet to determine a launch window for this one. The forgettable 2760 clam launches on June 16 -- nothing more to be said about that one -- and finally, the 6301 with WiFi gets real on June 23. We're holding out for the new Shadows, but yeah, it seems like a fun time to be a T-Mobile customer -- particularly if you're into the UMA stuff.

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