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DirecTV's GameSearch feature seeks blacked-out games

Darren Murph

For folks frustrated by those annoying game blackouts, DirecTV has unveiled a new feature that will certainly brighten those sports-filled days ahead. The GameSearch technology, which will be provided gratis, recognizes if a user tunes to a channel in which the game it carries is blacked-out, and if so, it automatically searches to find the tilt on another channel. Once the search concludes, it will give the viewer an option to catch the matchup on a different network if that option is available, and if no alternative is found, they'll be notified of that as well. GameSearch is reportedly now available on the HR20 and HR21, while users of the R22, R15, R16, H20 and H21 set-top-boxes will get gifted later this year or next.

[Image courtesy of Home Theater Mag]

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