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Georgia Tech researchers developing tricorder-like medical scanner


We've already seen some attempts to create a tricorder-like device, but this latest crack it at by some researchers at Georgia Tech looks like it could well be the closest to the real thing to date -- if it ever turns into an actual device, that is. The big advance with this one, it seems, is the use of a new mosaic narrowband filter, which includes photosensitive pixel sensors that can observe different wavelengths and allow for multispectral imaging. According to the researchers, the filter could also be laminated with standard imaging sensors used in digital cameras, making an all-in-one handheld device possible. That would apparently let individuals use the device to detect everything from the severity of bruises to contamination in food, or even perform remote sensing in mining, to name but a few applications. The researchers still have quite a bit more work to do on it before any of that's possible, however, and they're now seeking collaborative or financial support to further develop the device.

[Via Daily Tech]

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