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KingsIsle casting MMO spell on kiddos with Wizard101

Jason Dobson

It seems like a day seldom goes by without news of one company or another vying for its own sliver of delicious crust from the MMO pie. The latest to take a bite is Austin-based startup KingsIsle Entertainment, which this morning officially threw its crown into the ring by announcing a new MMO titled Wizard101.

Designed for the younger set in mind, the colorful game plays on such things as Harry Potter and CCGs by casting players in the role of a youngster at a wizarding school where spells and combat play out in turn-based fashion using collectible online cards. While obviously not competing with the likes of World of Warcraft or Age of Conan, the game looks to offer tweens coming off of such things as Toontown or Club Penguin a game with a slightly more serious MMO flavor when Wizard101 casts its spell in the third quarter.

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