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KORE makes the Wii its core console

Candace Savino

Swedish developer ZOINK is partnering with Snapdragon Games to bring KORE to the Wii -- not to be confused with C.O.R.E., which we wrote about earlier today on our pretty little sister site, DS Fanboy.

There's a chance that you've heard of KORE before, only you'd probably remember it as The Kore Gang instead. It was originally being made for the Xbox, but when the previous publisher (UDS) went out of business, things got flipped around. In any case, this platformer is now Nintendo-bound.

The story revolves around three characters who are trapped inside a robot. This robot's abilities change depending on who's controlling it, which will be an important aspect of progressing through the game. It's up to these robot users to save the world from aliens, who are building a doomsday device in the Earth's core.

According to ZOINK's developers, this title is also going to be full of lots of humor and silliness. We're all about games that don't take themselves to seriously, so we'll be looking into this fun-sounding platformer as it progresses.

*Note: The screens and art shown here are from the Xbox version, as these are all we have to go on for the time being.


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